Monday, 16 July 2007


Loose-feeding has now been implemented fully. It is activated by pressing the 'L' key ( but this can be defined to any other ). The screen below ( click to enlarge ), shows what comes next.

You control the feed arrow ( positioned by the base of the rods ) with the mouse, as well as the power. Pulling the mouse towards you increases the power ( like pulling a catapult back ), and pushing it forward decreases the power. The red bar in the bottom right shows the power amount.

Moving the mouse right and left rotates the direction feed arrow to allow you to aim the feed.

There is an option setting to give feed guidance, which show the trajectory the feed will travel after you click the left mouse button to fire. The trajectory assumes no wind is present so will never give an accurate reading.

The screen to the left shows what happens after the catapult is fired. In this instance you can see a handful of corn flying on its way out hopefully to the desired spot, a lot depends on the wind and type of bait being fired out though.

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