Saturday, 7 July 2007

Welcome to the Compleat Angler blog

Welcome to the Compleat Angler blog.

This blog has been created to allow readers access to daily information on the development of the game, including :
  • News
  • Screenshots
  • Instructions
  • Downloads
What is Compleat angler ?

Compleat Angler is an expandable course, game and sea fishing simulator where the angler begins an endless journey back in the 18th century and fishes all the way to the present day and beyond. The angler starts with basic "old fashioned" tackle which (s)he uses to complete various tasks which closely follow Izaak Waltons infamous book. As more tasks are completed and fish are caught the player advances and is awarded later and more modern tackle and baits. As well as this new locations to fish and species of fish to catch are made available. Eventually the player will be right up to date with modern ledger gear including bite alarms.

There is of course an external competitive side also, where players can compete against each other in organised matches against each other. There is also an inbuilt global record catch system where players can send in there fish and catches to see who has the biggest. For players who just want to fish for fun, there is also an online option where anglers can come together over the Internet to catch fish.

Over the course of the next few weeks there will a lot more posts and information about Compleat Angler on this blog.


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